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Adam Shunk a 2006 USA champ and Jesse Williams the 2008 Olympic trials champion are going continue to work on this site daily to establish a site where, us, high jumpers can go to for news highlights, videos, photos, rankings and much more. So keep on coming back and see what USAJumper.com has to say

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Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap Up Feb 7-10

NCAA Athletes

2.32m (7-7.25) Derek Drouin (Indiana, Sr.) Hoosier 1st place #1 NCAA #4 World
2.28m (7-5.75) Erik Kynard (Kansas State, Sr.) Albuquerque, NM 1st place
2.22m (7-3.25) Jules Sharpe (Stanford, Sr.) Albuquerque, NM 2nd place
2.22m (7-3.25) Deante Kemper (Northern Arizona, So.) Albuquerque, NM 3rd place
2.22m (7-3.25) Brian McBride (Arizona State, Jr.) Albuquerque, NM 4th place
2.18m (7-1.75) Edgar Rivera Morales (Arizona, Sr.) Albuquerque, NM =5th place
2.18m (7-1.75) Zack Riley (Kansas State, So.) Albuquerque, NM =5th place
2.11m (6-11) Eugene Cannaday (Tiffen, So.) Hoosier 2nd place
2.11m (6-11) Darius King (Indiana, Jr.) Hoosier 3rd place
2.10m (6-10.75) Django Lovett (New Mexico, Jr.) Albuquerque, NM 7th place
2.10m (6-10.75) Brian Carmichael (Cal, Sr.) Albuquerque, NM 8th place
2.10m (6-10.75) Shawn Johnson (South Plains, Fr.) Tyson Invite College 1st place
2.10m (6-10.75) Nick Giancana (Kansas, Jr.) Tyson Invite College 2nd place

All Other Athletes international athletes min 2.28m (7-5.75) USA others 2.15m (7-0.5) min


Athlete of the week

Janunary 27

Edgar Rivera Morales - Arizona Sr.

Edgar jumped 2.26m (7-5) to win the Razorback Invite and set a Mexico national record.  He boasts a 2.28m (7-5.75) PB from outdoors as well.


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NCAA Top 10 Ranks Jan 6


Top 10 ranks coming this week 2013



Derek Drouin Breaks World Record in Heptathlon High Jump 2.27m (7-5.25) - Big Ten Indoor Championships 2013
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